Little girl, Mr. Seal is not a friend…

Have we learned nothing from JAWS, any of them? What on earth possessed that little girl to lean her happy ass over that pier to pet that Seal is beyond me. I guess curiousity got the best of her. She learned a lesson that day.

Hell, if I do go to a beach the moment I see any kind of creature in the water…I’m out. Clean out. Move. I’ll be on the boardwalk with some french fries and a drink. Good day and good damn night. 

I kept seeing the video on my timeline, but I would just scroll past it. Finally, the lord said, “Kirs, there’s a message here. Watch the video and let the people know.” So, I watched and was mortified. 

How could the adults just let that little girl attempt to pet that wild animal all willy nilly like that? That Seal politely assessed the situation and kindly dragged her ass into the water. Thankfully her grandfather was there to grab her, because she could’ve drowned!

Now, what’s the lesson that the lord asked me to pass along? “Keep your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the TRAM car at all times. Just admire the wildlife from afar. Leave it be.” 


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