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Logic just dropped a new album…

Photo Credit: @Logic301 on Instagram

Logic (@Logic301) aka The Hometown Kid aka the DMV Representer aka Gaithersburg, MD’s Very Own just dropped his highly anticipated new project, #Everybody. Logic is an extremely underrated artist in the mainstream Hip Hop community. He’s been quietly selling out arenas all over the country and his fan base is fanatical. Each project he releases is top notch from the lyrical content to the album packaging. Sam Spratt (@samspratt), the Illustrator for all of his projects, is a freakin’ BEAST. I cannot wait to give this new album a listen! The album is available EVERYWHERE.


At the Moment: Tory Lanez [Say It]

Interscope Recording Artist Tory Lanez, 23, hailing from from Toronto, Canada, has what I believe is a HIT on his hands. I had no clue who Tory Lanez was until a cousin of mine told me that I should check his music out. After a quick Google search I stumbled across his song, Say It. I’m not going to lie the thing that drew me in initially was the BEAT. I am an early 90’s R&B fan through and through. So imagine my excitement when I heard the beat drop and heard that all to familiar If You Love Me by Brownstone chorus reverberate through my headphones. I was locked in.

Needless to say I do believe we will be hearing more from this young cat in the near future. To hear more of his music peep his info below.



The Come-Up: Bryson Tiller


Photo Credit: Bryson Tiller Facebook Page

So there I was on Spotify doing what I do, searching through playlists. There, ┬ábeneath the rubble, was this song with one word as the title: Don’t. The artist’s name was Bryson Tiller. I had never heard of the name nor the song, but something told me to give him a listen. When I tell you the boy got NEXT. He calls his music TrapSoul. The music on his Soundcloud sounds like something off of a major label, and not off of a mixtape from someone who is not even signed yet. Although, word on the street is that Drake is fan of his music and that he may be OVO. Time will tell. Check his stats and give his music a listen. If Drake, Future, and Jeremih were related and had a little brother …he’d sound like Tiller.

Name: Bryson Tiller
Age: 21
Hometowne: Louisville, KY

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