Ways to get tickets to shows when timing and Ticketmaster is not enough…

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In my singing Luann from Real Housewives of New York voice, “Money can’t buy you class…” 🤔


Miley Cyrus covers Billboard Magazine…

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Miley Cyrus graces the cover of Billboard Magazine this month. If you’re unsure of what Miley is on this year peep the caption in the photo. So basically, she just went back to being a regular degular Caucasian woman from Tennessee. Not that I’m surprised. History tells us…these things happen..pretty often. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Miley has the keys for unlocking World Peace y’all. Somebody pass her a Pepsi. 

At the Moment: Tory Lanez [Say It]

Interscope Recording Artist Tory Lanez, 23, hailing from from Toronto, Canada, has what I believe is a HIT on his hands. I had no clue who Tory Lanez was until a cousin of mine told me that I should check his music out. After a quick Google search I stumbled across his song, Say It. I’m not going to lie the thing that drew me in initially was the BEAT. I am an early 90’s R&B fan through and through. So imagine my excitement when I heard the beat drop and heard that all to familiar If You Love Me by Brownstone chorus reverberate through my headphones. I was locked in.

Needless to say I do believe we will be hearing more from this young cat in the near future. To hear more of his music peep his info below.



What to Watch: The Knick

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In 2015, what’s more coveted than a Netflix password? Think about it…I’ll wait.

An HBOGo password. My mother is an angel. She blesses my life in so many ways, but during my most recent trip home I sat her down and said, “Mother, we must get you set up on HBOGo since you already have it through your cable.” After she finished asking me what it was and why she needed it I politely told her, “So I can watch it at my house on Roku” duh.

There I was a day later flipping through HBOGo via my Roku and seeing all of what it provides. As I was scrolling through every HBO series EVER created I saw this interesting little show called, The Knick. I rememberd about a year ago seeing an advertisement about this show. It centered around a Doctor, surgeries, and a struggling hospital set in what seemed like New York City during the early 1900’s. The shows main character is, Dr. John Thackery, played by Academy Award Winning Actor Clive Owen. Dr. Thackery is a difficult, gifted, and experimental Surgeon who is also addicted to Cocaine. The show also features a character named, Dr. Algernon Edward, played by Andre Holland who is Assistant Chief Surgeon, but due to his ethnicity struggles to be accepted and taken seriously as a skilled Surgeon.

What caught my eye about the show were the shows seemingly graphic hospital scenes! I live for gore, and a sucker for amazing Special F/X, especially ones that involve surgery.

The Knick is directed by Steven Soderbergh and broadcast on Cinemax, but through some amazing promotional deal the 1st season is available for your streaming pleasure on HBOGo for a limited time. The

Do yourself a favor and get hip! The Knick’s second season premiers on October 16th at 10pm on Cinemax.

The Come-Up: Bryson Tiller


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So there I was on Spotify doing what I do, searching through playlists. There,  beneath the rubble, was this song with one word as the title: Don’t. The artist’s name was Bryson Tiller. I had never heard of the name nor the song, but something told me to give him a listen. When I tell you the boy got NEXT. He calls his music TrapSoul. The music on his Soundcloud sounds like something off of a major label, and not off of a mixtape from someone who is not even signed yet. Although, word on the street is that Drake is fan of his music and that he may be OVO. Time will tell. Check his stats and give his music a listen. If Drake, Future, and Jeremih were related and had a little brother …he’d sound like Tiller.

Name: Bryson Tiller
Age: 21
Hometowne: Louisville, KY

Peep His Music

Follow Him

Throw it Back: John Leguizamo as “Manny the Fanny”

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I have loved John Leguizamo since I was a kid and watched his movie, The Pest, 50 million times…and don’t even get me started on Too Wong Foo! iLive

Get into John as Manny the Fanny from his 1992 comedy special, Mambo Mouth, and see why I say this man is a genius! He is such an underrated talent!

Mr. John Leguizamo ladies and gentlemen…

RuPaul’s Drag Race: Season 6

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the shadiest one of them all? Honey let me tell you how much I live for the fabulous show that is RuPaul’s Drag Race! Every week I tune in to see which Queen is going to SLAY the runway or sachet away. So you can only imagine my excitement that the 6th season will air this month, February 24th on Logo TV to be exact! I’m ready! Are you?

Get into the new seasons set of fierce Queens!


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Can you handle it?! Nope!

If the picture wasn’t enough get your fix with the teaser!

What to Watch: The Wolf of Wall Street

220px-WallStreet2013poster Chile’ nothing says, “What kind of foolishness am I watching?” like seeing Leonardo DiCaprio snort Cocaine through a straw…from a woman’s boo-tay. Yeah…that happens in the film. Spoiler alert…sorry…not really though.

So, I guess I’m late to the party huh? I mean we are in full film award season and I am just now seeing it. Don’t judge me. First things first I did NOT get the “This film is full of sex…so don’t go see it with your father!” Memo…so there I was, in the theatre, watching tits and ass with my dad. Nothing says, “awkward” like watching people fool around with your parent sitting next to you. In the voice of Kevin Hart, “I wasn’t ready.”

The raunchy sex scenes actually made sense though, parental awkwardness aside, because the story is basically about a drug addicted Stock Broker who made a TON of money and lost his mind in the process. I mean he went full plum crazy!

Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jordan Belfort a man who gets his start on Wall Street at a big investment firm only to be let go a few months later after the company goes under. Jordan then takes at a job at a hole in the wall investment company where the brokers trade penny stocks for 50% commission. Jordan being the sharp salesman that he is quickly realizes that there is MONEY to be made trading penny stock because of the high commission. He strikes it rich, goes into business for himself, and the mayhem and debauchery that only greed can bring starts from there.

The cast includes DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, Jonah Hill (he was fantastic), and a lady I’ve never really seen in anything else named, Margo Robbie. The Legend that is Martin Scorcese did his thing in the Director’s Chair.

The movie was awesome! They were really on some sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll at that company! Madness.

TWWS was nominated for five Golden Globes and two Academy Awards. DiCaprio won Best Actor at the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards will air on March 2nd.

Go see it!