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I often find myself sifting through the pages of the Internet trying to see what’s popping in the land of entertainment. Occasionally, I find gems. I had no idea this movie was thing and happening.

The movie Detroit is period drama based on the 1967 Detroit Riots. According to BlackPast.org:

The Detroit Race Riot in Detroit, Michigan in the summer of 1967 was one of the most violent urban revolts in the 20th century.  It came as an immediate response to police brutality but underlying conditions including segregated housing and schools and rising black unemployment helped drive the anger of the rioters. On Sunday evening, July 23, the Detroit Police Vice Squad officers raided an after hours “blind pig,” an unlicensed bar on the corner of 12th Street and Clairmount Avenue in the center of the city’s oldest and poorest black neighborhood.  A party at the bar was in progress to celebrate the return of two black servicemen from Vietnam.  Although officers had expected a few patrons would be inside they found and arrested all 82 people attending the party.  As they were being transported from the scene by police, a crowd of about 200 people gathered outside agitated by rumors that police used excessive force during the 12th Street bar raid.  Shortly after 5:00 a.m., an empty bottle was thrown into the rear window of a police car, and then a waste basket was thrown through a storefront window.

Detroit features a few notable faces such as John Boyega (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), Jason Mitchell (Straight Out of Compton), Algee Smith (The New Edition Story),  Jacob Lattimore (Black Nativity), and Anthony Mackie (Captain America).

Now, I would be remised if I didn’t include some of the criticisms that I’ve been reading about this movie regarding the erasure of black women from the trailer. If you noticed, out of all the names listed above not one of them was of a black actress. Ebony Magazine clocked the erasure and wrote an article about it that can be found, here.

Detroit hits theaters on August 4th. The trailer can be found below!





Another day another sh*t show…

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In more stuff you care about news, the editors over at #Newsweek greenlit a brave new article discussing the epiphany that lonely, haggard, and desperate black women are having as it pertains to dating outside of their race. For those of you that are new here that was me being sarcastic. 

Newsweek must’ve sensed the sh*t storm that Black Twitter was brewing, because they’ve since deleted the article as well as the tweet referencing the article. The deletions didn’t stop the beautiful Black Queens of Black Twitter from letting them have it though. 

Peep some of the gems below: 

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