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More lessons from famous married people going through divorce…


Photo Credit: WashingtonPost.com

***The following is from the perspective of a woman. Yes, I know the Kendu Isaac’s of the world exist, but I’m not speaking about him today.***

If 2016-2017 has taught women nothing it has taught us that it is essential to have your own coin. I for one believe that if you are dating, married, and/or marrying someone famous and/or wealthy and you don’t leave the relationship/marriage better off than what you came in…you’re hustling backwards.

How many stories have we read where a woman has literally put her all into a marriage and/or relationship with a famous /wealthy man all for him to leave the woman begging for wooden nickels on the side of the road?

Let’s use the public divorce battle between Mike Epps and his wife Mechelle as an example. It is being reported that they were married for 10 years and Mechelle says that she has never held a normal job and has no skill set at this point to obtain one. She says that she was asked by Mike to be a stay at home mother and hold down the fort as he provided for the family. Now, although I think Mechelle allegedly asking Mike to pay spousal support of damn near $120K a month is a bit excessive. I do believe there are lessons to be learned. Reports say that Mike allegedly owes the tax man over $2 million. As a result, Mechelle alleges that he has cut her off financially as a means of forcing her to settle. Hardball.

The lesson here: Always secure your own bag. If you have to downsize do so and learn a skill. What do the old folks say? It’s never too late.