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Logic just dropped a new album…

Photo Credit: @Logic301 on Instagram

Logic (@Logic301) aka The Hometown Kid aka the DMV Representer aka Gaithersburg, MD’s Very Own just dropped his highly anticipated new project, #Everybody. Logic is an extremely underrated artist in the mainstream Hip Hop community. He’s been quietly selling out arenas all over the country and his fan base is fanatical. Each project he releases is top notch from the lyrical content to the album packaging. Sam Spratt (@samspratt), the Illustrator for all of his projects, is a freakin’ BEAST. I cannot wait to give this new album a listen! The album is available EVERYWHERE.


Miley Cyrus covers Billboard Magazine…

Photo Credit: Billboard Magazine

Miley Cyrus graces the cover of Billboard Magazine this month. If you’re unsure of what Miley is on this year peep the caption in the photo. So basically, she just went back to being a regular degular Caucasian woman from Tennessee. Not that I’m surprised. History tells us…these things happen..pretty often. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Miley has the keys for unlocking World Peace y’all. Somebody pass her a Pepsi.