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Documentaries that make you go hmmm: Mommy Dead & Dearest…

Photo Credit: Instagram @1936greaser

If you love murder mystery documentaries as much as I do then I have a treat for you!

HBO Documentaries are always gritty, crazy, graphic, and uncensored. Exactly how I like it. So imagine my intrigue when I saw the trailer for “Mommy Dead & Dearest”. I immediately watched the trailer and grabbed my remote so that I could record it to my DVR when it dawned on me. Girl, you don’t have no damn HBO. Shit. My plan has been foiled. I immediately started to think to myself, who do I need to sweet talk in order to access some HBO?

Luckily, God shown his mercy upon me, the YouTube Gods shined down, and up pops the full documentary via YouTube for my viewing pleasure. 

Synopsis via HBO:

Things are not always as they appear, especially in the case of Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose Blanchard. Child Abuse, mental illness, and forbidden love converge in this mystery involving a mother and daughter who were thought to be living a fairy tale life that turned out to be a living nightmare.

What starts out as a grisly tale of matricide morphs into a rabbit hole of deception and unrelenting abuse, journeying towards the truth about what happened that night. Featuring exclusive access to Gypsy from prison and a trove of police interrogation tapes, medical records, and secret conversations, this HBO Documentary Film is a disturbing, first-hand look at a life arrested and the consequences of trying to keep someone young forever.  

It’s crazy. If you have HBO on any platform it’s available for your viewing pleasure. If you’re like me and refuse to pay…YouTube is your friend. The documentary is on YouTube for as long as it takes them to realize it’s up there, and snatch it down for copyright infringement. I advise you to watch it now! 

*Update: Well, they snatched it down. That only took a few hours lol

Peep the documentary below: