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What to Watch: The Wolf of Wall Street

220px-WallStreet2013poster┬áChile’ nothing says, “What kind of foolishness am I watching?” like seeing Leonardo DiCaprio snort Cocaine through a straw…from a woman’s boo-tay. Yeah…that happens in the film. Spoiler alert…sorry…not really though.

So, I guess I’m late to the party huh? I mean we are in full film award season and I am just now seeing it. Don’t judge me. First things first I did NOT get the “This film is full of sex…so don’t go see it with your father!” Memo…so there I was, in the theatre, watching tits and ass with my dad. Nothing says, “awkward” like watching people fool around with your parent sitting next to you. In the voice of Kevin Hart, “I wasn’t ready.”

The raunchy sex scenes actually made sense though, parental awkwardness aside, because the story is basically about a drug addicted Stock Broker who made a TON of money and lost his mind in the process. I mean he went full plum crazy!

Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jordan Belfort a man who gets his start on Wall Street at a big investment firm only to be let go a few months later after the company goes under. Jordan then takes at a job at a hole in the wall investment company where the brokers trade penny stocks for 50% commission. Jordan being the sharp salesman that he is quickly realizes that there is MONEY to be made trading penny stock because of the high commission. He strikes it rich, goes into business for himself, and the mayhem and debauchery that only greed can bring starts from there.

The cast includes DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, Jonah Hill (he was fantastic), and a lady I’ve never really seen in anything else named, Margo Robbie. The Legend that is Martin Scorcese did his thing in the Director’s Chair.

The movie was awesome! They were really on some sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll at that company! Madness.

TWWS was nominated for five Golden Globes and two Academy Awards. DiCaprio won Best Actor at the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards will air on March 2nd.

Go see it!